You will receive one of the most comprehensive home inspections possible conducted by an experienced, qualified, licensed and insured expert.  In addition to what's required to be inspected by the Texas Real Estate Commission, I conduct my own 1000+ point evaluation on your inspection as if I were buying the home for myself or a family member.  You'll appreciate the low key, education first approach during your verbal report at the completion of the inspection.  In the end, you will understand the challenges there may be with the home and how to meet those challenges effectively regardless of the type of inspection.  A professional detailed report with digital pictures is typically emailed the same day and no later than 24 hours after the completed inspection.

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RESIDENTIAL Resale - buyers & sellers

As a buyer, you’ve found the right home in the right neighborhood at the best price point. Now after all that work, you don’t want any surprises. I will use my expertise in evaluating your home and take the time to explain the findings and write them down in an easily understood manner.  Most of the items will be minor, but knowing what they all are ahead of time will save you money in the long run.  I can do the same for sellers who don't want those surprises when it comes time to sell. The buyer most likely will hire their own home inspector and you'll be ready.  

new construction

Texas is experiencing a building boom.  And while this is good for the economy, typically there isn't enough experienced and skilled labor to go around during these times.  It may be done, but is it done right?  Most cities and towns have their own building departments and field inspectors, but you'd be surprised what I've uncovered on some of those inspections.  You can read more here about county areas.

I can perform an inspection at any or all of the typical three phases: Pre-pour foundation; Pre-drywall (right before the insulation and drywall is installed); and Final (before occupancy).  You deserve peace of mind as you build the home of your dreams.  My construction experience makes me especially qualified over most home inspectors.

If you're a lender or someone who needs periodic construction draw inspections, we do those too.  Present and past clients include:  Construction Financial Services (Spring Branch); Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union (Live Oak); Noble Capital (Austin).

builder or home warranty

Even new homes can have issues.  Interesting fact:  Most homes settle  for 2-3 years and some up to 7 years after construction.  Cracks can be a genuine concern.  Most of the time they are very minor.  You'll be assured one way or the other.  There may be unseen problems waiting until after your warranty expires that could be costly to fix. Or maybe your builder has been lax in addressing some items that should have been done before closing.  I can get those items down on paper for your builder to address.

You may be coming to the end of a warranty that was purchased when you bought a resale home. We will evaluate all of the home’s systems so that you can get any repairs done prior to the expiration, or make an informed decision about extending a warranty.

for property investors

If you're looking to invest in a multi-family property for up to four family units, I can provide the same comprehensive services for you as I would to anyone purchasing a single family home or condominium.

value added services

For your convenience we can facilitate a termite or septic professional if needed.  Water testing can also be provided that is administered through  Edwards Aquifer Research & Data Center located on the campus of Texas State University in San Marcos.

We are registered with Centralized Showing Services to schedule inspection appointments. We also provide access via Supra E-Key for the convenience of all agents involved with a transaction.


You will be assisted with whatever you need to smooth out the process of buying a property.  We contact buyer or listing agents; confirm access and utilities; coordinate with builders for phase inspections and anything else you may need.

what's in the tool bag

You will benefit from accurate and reliable equipment including:  Cordless drill (for efficiency); tape measure (verify safety related items); gas leak detector; moisture meter; infrared thermometer (for checking a variety of possible anomalies); water pressure gauge (for water supply psi); circuit wiring tester (with GFCI trip); voltage sniffer, high powered binoculars (for those hard to access roof decks), 50 ft. lazer level (to show how far floors slope) and high lumens led flashlight.

advice about specialized equipment you may not need

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our service area

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Our Promise to You: 

We feel so strongly about the quality and detail of our inspections, that if you’re not 100% satisfied when you receive your verbal report, you don't owe us anything. We guarantee your complete satisfaction!